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Sematronix Technologies Limited

Welcome to Sematronix Technologies, your trusted partner for professional IT Consultancy, Support, and Services tailored to businesses of all sizes. With our wide-ranging expertise across various industries and technologies, we offer comprehensive support solutions to empower your organization.

Headquartered at the Waterton Technology Centre, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Whether you need immediate support or specialized services, we’re just a call away.

Sematronix Limited Head Office - Call us for support and services
Sematec Offices

To explore our versatile support options and create a customized package that aligns with your business needs, reach out to us today at 01656 523133.

Empowering Network Infrastructure

Our prowess extends to the design, provisioning, and commissioning of your network architecture, including servers, storage solutions, internet connectivity, and seamless site-to-site integration. Our capabilities go beyond the basics – we specialize in monitoring, troubleshooting, and network auditing. With cutting-edge switches and robust security management, we facilitate efficient changes that adapt to your evolving requirements.

Unleashing Office 365, Azure, and Integrated Cloud Services

Unlock the full potential of both on-premise and cloud-based office solutions through our comprehensive services. This encompasses shared storage, remote desktop functionalities, and collaborative workspaces that enhance productivity and connectivity.

Elevating Connectivity: Broadband, Wi-Fi, Fibre, and SIP/VOIP Telephony

Experience a range of high-speed internet options including ADSL, SDSL, Leased Lines, and Fibre Internet. Elevate your communication game with our hosted voice services and cutting-edge hardware. Our wireless expertise enables us to offer:

  • Public Wi-Fi Solutions: Integrate a captive portal to enhance the guest experience in hotels, restaurants, and businesses.
  • Point to Point Wi-Fi: Seamlessly bridge buildings with speeds of up to 10gbps, eliminating the need for extensive civil engineering efforts. Enjoy reliable, high-availability connectivity.

Tailored IT Support and Services

From single PCs to multi-site enterprises, our flexible service level agreements ensure that your IT infrastructure is in capable hands. We’re committed to providing solutions that align with your unique needs, ensuring seamless operations and hassle-free technology management.

At Sematronix Technologies, we’re dedicated to partnering with you for IT excellence. Contact us today to embark on a journey of streamlined technology empowerment.

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